Leonia has a long history of volunteerism

Here is a listing of
  • Leonia elected officials, starting with 1895 ! 
  • Borough volunteers on standing Municipal Committees, Boards and Committees 
  • Selected Borough employees: Borough Administrator, Chief of Police, School Superintendent, Director of Library. 

Books about Leonia

Carol Karels, Leonia historian
  • The Revolutionary War in Bergen County: The Times That Tried Men's Souls. 2007
  • Leonia, Images of America. 2002
  • Leonia Legacies: voices then, voices now. 1994
  • The Leonia line : stories about Leonia, 1668-1993.  1993

Additional Resources

About this project

Throughout its history, Leonia has been fortunate to have volunteers willing to serve the community. Elected officials and committee members contribute countless hours (and years) studying and debating issues that affect the quality of life in Leonia, today and in the future. This list was created to record their service and encourage other members of the community to volunteer.